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Introducing GiftPass

Founder Maliha Naeem

Streamlining experiences around digital gifting & payments.

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Maliha Naeem

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In conversation with GiftPass Founder, Maliha Naeem

How did you come to be an entrepreneur? 

I believe the two traits that defined me as an entrepreneur from an early age were that I loved to create and solve problems.

In my previous position as a military and defense analyst, I would spend lunch breaks working on my business plan. I eventually realized that was the most enjoyable time of my day, and that's what inspired me to quit my day job and give entrepreneurship a go!

How did you learn about the Long Beach Accelerator and what attracted you to apply and subsequently join the program?  

The mentors were what most attracted me to the LBA. It really does take a village, and the Long Beach Accelerator has built a strong village through community and partnerships.

What aspect of the Long Beach Accelerator Program have you found most valuable to the growth and accelerator of your company and why? 

The mentors. The mentors I work with through the LBA are deeply invested in our success and keep us going when the going gets tough. 

Have you reached any exciting milestones since joining the LBA?

Getting our first big check from a VC + soft launch + bringing on ex Honey (acquired by PayPal) & Greendot (NYSE: GDOT) VP of Product on our Board of Advisors. 

What would you share with a startup founder that is considering applying to the Long Beach Accelerator?

LBA is one of the few accelerators that cares as much about the founder as they do the companies. They understand there is an actual person behind it all, which reflects in their programming and the tight-knit community they've built.