The Long Beach Accelerator is proud to welcome U.S.-based companies to our growing portfolio. Our diverse founders are defining the future of tech through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Cohort Spotlight


The companies in the Long Beach Accelerator’s first cohorts have a track record of monumental success. Our companies go on to be leaders in their industry attracting acquisition offers and drawing in large seed rounds. 

Since launching in February 2021, LBA companies have accrued these outstanding stats.

Cohort Companies Graduated
Investment through LBA and other investors since February 2021
Cohort revenue since February 2021
Acquisition offers to purchase cohort companies

Our Current Cohort


Aircada makes training employees faster, cheaper, and more engaging by using Augmented Reality to automate knowledge transfer.


Seamless, Secure, Organized communication for all.


Creator-Sync is a music app that partners music artists with some of the biggest influencers around the world to generate streaming revenue through exclusive content via our patent-pending revenue sharing model.


KindraConnect is a values-driven platform for human connection that brings people together for friendship, dating and collaboration both online and at events.


MyRuck is Intelligent Automation for military connected community benefits


Noveil is a dating platform with no profiles and no swipes


We are bringing the same powerful tools that large, corporate owned buildings utilize, and simplify it for the best possible experience for renters and landlords to manage core functions and interact.


SaraniaSat acquires and analyzes global remote-sensing data to provide timely, actionable informatin to its customers


Accelerator Portfolio Companies

123 Baby Box

123 Baby Box is a monthly subscription service for babies aged 1 to 3. Being a new parent is hard enough that’s why 123 Baby Box delivers exactly what your baby needs at the right time. 



Creating the first true fully AI platform to build affordable elegant custom apps.

At Their Side

Long Beach-based At Their Side, enables family members with loved ones in nursing homes to acquire current and historical health status data on demand. No matter where they are, you’ll always be At Their Side! #HealthTech #B2BSaas


Bump by Ownors

At Bump, we help creators recover $420 million in lost annual revenue by tracking and collecting their revenue and providing creators with micro-advances.


Closed Loop Plastics

Our company aims to shift the recycling paradigm by giving local communities the means of processing their own plastic waste and producing goods that go right back into their local economies. 



Fundraising made easy for creators, clubs & causes.


Delphire’s powerline monitoring system solves this problem by enabling automated, frequent, and cheap inspection of lines. Plus, our system identifies fires that do break out and transmits alerts within seconds – minimizing damages, power disruptions, and CO2 impact.


Educational Vision Technologies

Automated video editing and content curation using A.I. to make online learning accessible, efficient, and engaging.



Localight offers a mobile rewards wallet (app) and economic development platform to unite independent businesses and increase their revenue. As a Public Benefit Corp our mission is to accelerate inclusive growth across local marketplaces.



Evolectric’s mission is to advance global electrification by enabling and providing services and products that unlock current and new electrification technologies to emerging markets.


GiftPass App

Streamlining experiences around digital gifting & payments.

The Girls Co

We are a women’s health company that is currently focused on a solution to alleviate period cramp pain.

Gritty in Pink

Gritty In Pink is creating an integrated marketplace network, connecting women in music with industry pros (of any gender) that want to hire them- combining the power of community, exposure, events, and partnerships. #Marketplace #MediaTech


Guardian Lane

Guardian Lane is a platform that sources the best counselors and therapists from across the world to create short video content working with children to help them express emotion after trauma so they can heal and cope in positive and healthy ways. #HealthTech #Wellness #EdTech


Hello FIV

Hello FIV is a Single Pointe Wealth/RetireTech platform for the $886B Annuity and Life Insurance Industry. FIV powers engines that streamline workflows between Insurers, Distributors and Customers. Our users can Sell, Market and Distribute with confidence. 


Here Here Market

Here Here Market is a marketplace for true food enthusiasts and a business launchpad for culinary creators. #B2B2C #ConsumerProduct #FoodMarketplace


Intellitech Spa

Intellitech is a realtime telematics, predictive maintenance and driver behaviour monitoring platform.


Kwema provides an easy to scale Smart Badge Reel Duress Service that reduces incident response time without escalating the situation.


Outdoor trip planning made easy!


The world’s fastest and most reliable bar.


Sesame is an AI-powered, app-enabled SaaS platform built for flipping kiosks & fridges into white-labelled 24/hr storefronts. #RetailTech #FoodTech #AI #Hardware #Software #SmartVending



Martixa is a smart AI medical assistant that helps doctors completing clinical documentation accurately, efficiently, and in real-time instead of manual note-taking.



Ocra is the first omni-channel sales management platform for the parking industry. Through advanced integration capabilities, Ocra integrates all sales channels into one online dashboard, reducing operating expenses and increasing revenue for parking operators and asset managers.



Plauzzable is an online entertainment platform connecting comedians and comedy fans. #MediaTech #EntertainmentTech #Platform



Long Beach-based Rideshine is the only subscription service that washes your car while you sleep. #PropTech #MobileServicesProvider



Sensegrass is a soil intelligence platform for fertilizer management that uses a combination of AI-based recommendations and soil sensors to deliver real-time soil health analyses and targeted nutrient management. We help farmers and companies reduce chemical fertilizer use, increase crop yields, and grow more sustainably.



SolarView allows solar companies and clients to view solar equipment in advance of installation using virtual reality technology. 

Find the SolarView app for iPhone and Android, and in the Web Studio.



Trusted by many of the world’s Fortune 1000 organizations – StoryBolt, enables research driven, empathy forward conversations of ‘Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging’ around award-winning documentaries that share real experiences – inspiring compassion into action.


Zero Infinity One

ZIO creates immersive, social experiences of XR entertainment, with a focus on “holographic” Augmented Reality, otherwise known as Mixed Reality. #XR #MediaTech #TechnologicalEntertainment


Our Founders

“The people you meet at LBA are experienced, intelligent, and genuinely invested in helping you grow and succeed. You will get access and support in helpful and deliberate way while exposing you to assistance you may not have even known you needed!” – Nick Florek and Disha Gulati, Founders of Here Here Market, LBA Cohort 3

Our Program

“From an execution perspective, every company advanced eons through the program which is, again, a testament to the program.”

– LBA Cohort 1 Alumni


“Great material and speakers. Wealth of experience and proven contributions from the mentors”

– LBA Cohort 3 Alumni

Our Mentors

“This was the BEST and most valuable part of the program. The LBA did an incredible job understanding our needs and finding appropriate resources.”

– LBA Cohort 3 Alumni


“The highlight of the program for us was the mentorship. We appreciate that the LBA matched us carefully with an expert who understands our business very well.”

– LBA Cohort 1 Alumni

Our Pitch Preparation

“One of the most effective parts of the LBA Program was the pitch practice intensives. It helped us learn a lot about how to improve our business model and sales.”

– LBA Cohort 1 Alumni


“Pitch practices forced us to be prepared! Truly appreciated the individualized feedback.”

– LBA Cohort 3 Alumni

LBA Demo Days

“Demo Days were amazing. We were able to perfect our pitch plus get insight, feedback, and interest from investors. It was great to pitch both in-person and online.”

– LBA Cohort 3 Alumni


“Demo Days were well organized and ran smoothly. In-person demo day was most effective and I was able to have conversations with multiple interested investors.”

– LBA Cohort 2 Alumni

Our Ecosystem

“The LBA has created a phenomenal community . . . there are some really great companies involved. I can speak to the tremendous value we’ve already received through relationships with the City of Long Beach, Cal State, etc. “
– LBA Cohort 1 Alumni


“The Long Beach Accelerator is pioneering the non-profit, for-public-benefit model of entrepreneurship, innovation and startup investment. This is the future of the California economy.”

– LBA Partner

Succeeding with the LBA

“Make sure to meet and connect with as many people as possible. So much of startup success relies on serendipity and you’ve got to put yourself in a position to benefit from it.”

– Trevor Thoma and Aidan Pinter, Founders of Rideshine, LBA Cohort 3

Thinking of applying?

“Do it! The LBA is a top-tier program, and the small community and close attention you get are parallel to none. Sunstone is also an amazing investment partner for your business.”

– Shira Yevin, Founder of Gritty In Pink, LBA Cohort 3

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