The Long Beach Accelerator is a 4-month program broken up into two phases. For the first three months, there are weekly workshops and mentorship focused on determining market fit, business strategy and development and sales and marketing. The final month of the program is focused on developing an exit strategy and preparing for demo day to secure additional seed funding for continued growth and expansion.  


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Program Details

This program is intended to achieve maximum acceleration for YOUR company and to that end, it will be tailored to your company, industry and stage/needs. Your deliverables will be based upon your work plan and you will have the opportunity to work with an assigned mentor on that plan as well as access optional resources depending on your needs in conjunction with the basic required program. 
For 12 weeks, founders will work intensively on creating a viable and desirable product, build and streamline their business strategy and operations and create the sales and marketing platform they need to expand and scale. For the final four weeks of the program, founders will focus intensively on their pitch deck and practice for Demo Day.      


Month 1: Product Testing and Market Fit

In the first month of the LBA program, founders will develop a program road map specific to their needs in conjunction with a dedicated mentor. Importantly, that road map will include in this first month product testing and product/market fit assessment. As appropriate and available, the LBA will assist in making connections to further these goals.

Month 2: Sales and Marketing

Nothing is accomplished without sufficient paying customers.  In this sense, this makes sales trump all other activities after an MVP with product/market fit is identified. In addition to strategic planning and interpersonal skills, sales and marketing are increasingly technical skill sets. This month will focus on developing your marketing plan fully as well as ensuring the tools and mindset necessary to execute. Everyone on your team needs to be selling.

Month 3: Business Operations

Founders will continue improving their beta test and/or sales and revenue growth during this month on top of working toward a solid, scalable business foundation for the company. 

Month 4: Acceleration and Funding

It’s your time to shine. Show the world what you’ve developed and make connections with investors and other ecosystem partners that will help accelerate your company. You will polish your pitch to a high sheen and participate in the LBA’s demo day as well as other opportunities as appropriate and available. 

Startups are made in Long Beach.

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The Long Beach Accelerator is a unique partnership between public-private-academic entities formed to provide broad comprehensive resources, guidance and funding to set innovative startups on the pathway to success. Here are just a few of the benefits our Cohorts experience.

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Funding & Beyond

In addition to an initial investment, Long Beach Accelerator—through its partners—is developing a fund for companies that successfully graduate from the accelerator and show commercial promise.  In addition, through the LBA’s network and Demo Day, we will introduce you to other potential investors as well as sources of non-dilutive funding.

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Resources & Runway

Each startup will be assessed individually and those selected to receive funding will receive $150,000 of investment funding in exchange for a total of 7% equity. The program costs are $25,000 per startup. Limited scholarships may be available for companies who have founders who qualify. We offer a remote-first program and host in-person networking and programming events for our cohorts and community.  Office space is also available.


Unique Access

When you join LBA, you will have access to our tremendous network of board members, mentors, and industry partners, as well as the ability to tap into university and city assets. Cohort members will also have access to successful mentors and government and university resources depending on their company needs. Importantly, we will actively participate with you in developing contacts with appropriate area companies who can help you test product-market fit.

Perks Package

Hand-selected organizations we have partnered with for your benefit, such as free or reduced-cost cloud storage, and accounting, legal, wellness, and marketing services.  You get to focus on what you do best–building, learning, and launching!

Our Resource Partners 

We work with organizations across the country to better support founders in our startup tech ecosystem. Here are some additional resources.  Join Us